Automated Honeycomb Panel Assembly Machine

This machine was designed and engineered by Sunshine Automation. We have been supporting the lightweight honeycomb panel industry for 30 years with various machines used in the process. These machines stack the sheets, expand/compress bonded sheets, dip blocks into resin baths and aerate them along with special saws designed to run “lights out” to make and shape the core of the laminates.

Composite honeycomb laminated materials are strong lightweight and flame retardant. In commercial use currently, they are found in building structures such as dry room walls, clean room walls, office partitions, truck boxes used for freight and much more. The future holds significant opportunities for the use of these honeycomb laminated materials such as automobile bodies and frames, and much more.

The idea really became popular in aerospace applications. Much of the interior of a commercial aircraft is constructed of high strength, low weight structures including bulkheads, galleys, walls and floors. Exterior structures are also composites.  Typically they would be aluminum honeycomb found in rudders, flaps etc.

The photos and videos on this page are of the flagship system designed to accurately register and place Nomex™, Kevlar™ or Aluminum sheets printed with glue lines 3 feet wide x 13 feet long up to 3000 sheets high with tolerances of .004”.

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