Sunshine Automation and Tooling of Sarasota, Florida

Automation and robotics engineering solutions, expert machining, and older machine repair, updating and refurbishment

Sunshine Automation & Tooling is a full service design and development engineering company specializing in automation machinery, custom parts machining, and machine refurbishing, repair and updating.  We've been successfully in business since 2007 and have attracted clients from around the world.

Our services include:

  • Machine Design and Build
  • Controls PLC/PC Design and Build
  • Prototyping Parts and Processes
  • Consulting Engineering, professionally licensed and registered
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Motion Control Specialists
  • Robotic System Design and Build

We represent unique motion technologies such as step motor driven actuators, servo driven stages, gantry robotics, AC inverters, AC servo, fractional DC and large DC drives and motors. We sell through distribution and direct through our seasoned sales engineers and we would be glad to speak to you about your application.

Here are a few of our more recognizable customers:

Industries we work with


  • Brake line assembly with rigid and flexible lines including connectors
  • Brake line vacuum testing
  • Windshield wiper drive systems including robotic mig welding and 3D drilling
  • Oil filter complete assembly lines
  • Leak test car/truck wheels
  • Computer die cast frame drill and tapping system



  • Pill Drying
  • Pill Sorting
  • Pill packaging



  • Syringe inspection
  • Syringe burr removal from grinding
  • Syringe tray packing
  • Port assembly
  • Complete Safety Syringe assembly system



  • Feeders for packaging machine adders
  • Cup/tray orienting systems
  • Elevator feeders
  • Conveyors
  • Motion control and servo actuators
  • Rebuild and recondition overwrapping systems


Light Industrial

  • Temperature sensor calibrate and test
  • Oven feed systems for brazing
  • Optical mold feed and selection systems
  • Sorting and stacking for using bar code scanning



  • Tube forming systems
  • Tube punch and date code system
  • Robotic MiG welding
  • Drilling and Tapping systems



  • Bottom tray assembly for washers and dryers with leveling feet
  • Assembly and staking of attachment snaps for washers and dryer assembly
  • Complete assembly system for drive mechanisms of can openers



  • Composite materials machinery for honeycomb materials: Nomex, Kevlar and Aluminum
  • Stackers
  • Saws
  • Dipping systems
  • Expanders
  • Vision Systems
  • Mold manufacturing for compression and vacuum forming
  • Aircraft parts manufacture



Executives & engineering staff

john Barrett, CEO and chief engineer of Sunshine Automation and Tooling of Sarasota, Florida.

John Barrett

John is the founder and president of Sunshine Automation and Tooling, along with many other companies during his years in the business.  He has worked in manufacturing of custom automated machinery and controls for 40 years while also automating facilities and maintaining them for several years, gaining valuable experience in the long term benefits of certain techniques.  He is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a BSME as well as extensive controls design and programming, Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Technology management from the University of Phoenix and a Registered and licensed professional engineer in Florida and New York.

Kevin S., Plant Manager of Sunshine Automation and Tooling of Sarasota, Florida.

Kevin S.
Plant Manager

Kevin brings to the organization over 3o years of machine shop principles and practice, and a management skill seasoned with experience, patience and foresight.  His experience allows him to effectively use his acquired talents along with the combined talents of the varied experience levels of the team to efficiently turn work over in the plant while taking educational training with the new younger developing talents.

Steve Reese, Sales Manager of Sunshine Automation and Tooling of Sarasota, Florida.

Steve Reese
Sales Manager

Over 25 years experience in the Motion Control and Automation field working as a direct factory employee as Company Wide Sales Manager, Director of Business Development, Regional Sales Manager, Strategic Account Manager and also as a Manufacturer’s Representative.  Steve is an industry insider who’s seen many applications through the years and is always looking for the best solution for each of our customers.

Noël Brand, Business Development and Marketing Manager of Sunshine Automation and Tooling of Sarasota, Florida.

Noël Brand
Business Development & Marketing Manager

As Sunshine's Business Development manager, Noël is in charge of cultivating new business relationships as well as maintaining current relations with our many valued customers. Noël maintains the company image on social media platforms, seeks out new opportunities, and has over 2o years experience in sales and business development. She loves working with people and making new friends.  When she is not working she is with family and playing Frisbee with her pooches Lexi and Lola. Noël is another ray of our Sunshine team!

Ed Wypych, Supply Chain Manager of Sunshine Automation and Tooling of Sarasota, Florida.

Ed Wypych
Supply Chain Manager

Ed has a wealth of materials management background from his days in the military and his various positions in fortune 500 companies and smaller startups.  With this experience he naturally works and monitors cash flows from both receivable and payable accounts making sure the team has the resources they need to effectively satisfy customer requirements.

Bonnie Perkins, Executive Assistant of Sunshine Automation and Tooling of Sarasota, Florida.

Bonnie Perkins
Executive Assistant

Bonnie is our office manager and administrative assistant to the president.  She effectively frees up management to concentrate on the big picture while keeping the lid on the day to day issues inherently distracting and causing lost time and inefficient use of valuable resources.

Parker Wojtanek, CNC Programmer of Sunshine Automation and Tooling of Sarasota, Florida.

Parker Wojtanek
CNC Programmer

Parker started with the company on day one.  From a modest start as a utility worker, Parker showed promise and more importantly a passion for machining.  Through in-house training, formal training at machine supplier training classes and programming training classes, he has excelled to lead programmer over the last 11 years under the guidance of management.



"This recommendation is not about me although I must begin by stating that I not only know the price of most things, but also, and more importantly I know the value of most things. To be able to trust completely in the performance and quality of the services provided by a company is rare. Knowing that someone is not just reading the print but also thinking about its accuracy and purpose has saved me from error and cost several times. Asking for and receiving sound advice has been instrumental at key points when Kevin or Ed had the expertise.

"I do care about price. Our policy is minimum three competitive quotes. Sunshine almost always wins. When it is close, Sunshine wins because the value of the support they provide is incalculable. My company designs and builds industrial systems from concept to production. Sunshine gives me an advantage and makes it possible to get it right
the first time."

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