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Machinery rebuilding, refurbishing and updating. We can take your older equipment and make it like new, including updated electronics.

Machinery Rebuilding, Refurbishing and Updating
of Your Existing Equipment

Helping you to keep your valuable older equipment and machines running properly

Once a production machine is purchased and put into operation, the value of that machine is obvious. Year after year the machine depreciates, further increasing its value on the books. As long as the machine continues to operate after the depreciation cycle the more value it has. Unfortunately with the obsolescence of components, the value diminishes quickly when parts to keep the machine in operation are no longer available. In some cases, the machines usefulness ceases for one part no longer available. We can rebuild it, we have the technology. In many cases we take old run down machinery strip it to the floor add new technology and repair worn out devices with new equipment and send the machine back to work like new for a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

Machining and replacing worn out parts, with increased function and reliability

Custom machined/milled partsIn some cases it is simply replacing many of the same parts with identical parts just not worn out, bringing the existing design back to life and back to tolerance.  Usually we cannot help ourselves and improve things along the way.  The end result is a machine made to original design specifications or better with more reliability and throughput at much less cost than a new machine.  There is always residual value in your existing machines, and we can make them functional and profitable for years into the future.

New custom-programmable logic controllers for machine control. Updating of electronics for your existng older equipment.

Upgrading of electronics and machine control systems

Computerized machine logic controllersUsually the first area suffering from obsolescence is the electronics and computer technology of your equipment. Upgrading control systems typically adds versatility, flexibility and capability. Old controls, especially programmable logic controls have typically been pushed to their limits. Our upgrades can increase processor speeds and add functionality and network capabilities as required, to make your equipment even more functional and capable than it was originally. We do very comprehensive IoT (Internet of Things) and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) implementations.  With some upgrades, we can give you the ability to check on your machine’s performance real time through your tablet remotely from a different room, city, state or country.

Welding and machine repair.
Custom machining of long parts, including shafts and plates up to 12 feet long and 7 feet wide.

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With Sunshine Automation and Tooling on board, you won't have to worry about keeping your existing machinery running, even if the company that originally built it has gone out of business. We can strip your aging machinery down to the floor, and rebuild it with improved parts, electronics and controllers so that it works even BETTER than when it was new. Our trained and capable staff are problem solvers who will work with you to make your machines last a LONG and very productive time.


"I want to express my gratitude for having Sunshine Automation & Tool in our family for the outsourcing of work within our factory. We had utilized Sunshine on multiple projects and have received the same professional deliverables time and time again. Sunshine is precise, Intune, and have been sensitive to our needs every time we have called on them to streamline a project. Not only is their engineering staff one of the best that I have dealt with, there entire staff is the most welcoming an outside individual could ask for. I will continue to utilize Sunshine Tool in the future
and look forward to our future endeavors."

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