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Made-to-order machining of parts and prototype manufacture

Creating new replacement parts better than the broken or old parts you send us.

We regularly receive orders to have us machine unique parts that have broken on existing machines.  More than just making a part over, we take the time to analyze why it broke in the first place.  Some cases require that we go to the manufacturing facility to review the operation and make suggestions on design, materials and even functional reconsiderations to improve not only the performance of the part but the process. We will go the extra mile so that the newly machined part will work properly in your equipment and in some cases will be even better, stronger or more functional than the original part.

Machining of large parts or plates up to 7' x 12'

One benefit of our machinery background is the need for machining very large plates. We have equipment in our facility capable of machining and profiling parts up to 7 feet wide by 12 feet long. Your equipment table tops, tooling walls etc. can be machined without the need to move the part due to inadequate reach of your tooling.  This is a cost savings in either time to machine the parts or send them to a facility far away to have this done.

Complete CNC turning and milling systems

In some cases we will make special assemblies not available on the open market used in processes dedicated to a specific function where the accuracy and repeatability are easily supplied by the consistency of the CNC over hundreds of parts.  This also reduces the cost to the customer by allowing planning to release batches on a scheduled basis.  As an added service, we will intentionally over run production placing the extra parts on our inventory should the customer have an unforeseen issue and need parts immediately.

Manufacturing and Milling Equipment for Your Custom Parts and Plates

Haas GR712

Our large scale Haas GR712 is for jobs you wouldn’t try at home or in-house. It's ideal for large plates with numerous holes tapped, clearance or slotted, precision square, rectangular or round holes.  This machine can do your large plates in one setup per side up to 7 feet wide by 12 feet long.  We can also do two round plates 6 feet in diameter at one time. How about machining 12 foot long shafts with several keyways needed or along the entire length, perfectly inline in any material? We can machine all of these for you.

Hwacheon Vesta 1000 12K

With a 40 x 20 inch work surface, this machine has great reach.  The real feature is the rigidity of the system with a 12,000 rpm spindle, which is perfect for extremely precise finishes when 3D profiling.

Doosan GT2100

Super precise 12 station CNC turret lathe 1.62 through the spindle.  From 1 part to 1000 parts, this machine is prototype or production ready.

LeBlond Regal

The LeBlond Regal is ideal for large shafts with 25 inches over the ways and 16 inches over the saddle. This lathe is 20 feet long, which gives us the ability to turn, profile or texture surfaces of shafts or rollers 16 inches in diameter up to 20 feet long.

CNC Milling Videos:

ABOVE: Hwacheon Vesta milling and drilling

ABOVE: Long key milling using the Haas GR712 CNC machine

ABOVE: Doosan CNC lathe multifunction

ABOVE: Haas GR712 Bridge Mill Setup

Contact us today to discuss your custom part machining/milling/tooling needs:
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We're specialists in matching or exceeding the quality and precision of the parts you need to keep your existing equipment operating at peak efficiency. Our CNC milling machines allow us to turn out one or thousands of parts with extremely high tolerance results. We also can prototype parts or completed machines to your exact specifications in a relatively short amount of time.


"When it comes to automation, there are many companies to choose from. While I have used several different ones to help retrofit our legacy equipment, no one has made it happen as fast and efficient as Sunshine Automation & Tooling. Sunshine helped reduce cost by upgrading our legacy machines to today’s readily available components and have a program team at their disposal who can wire and code logic programs on the job as they work."

— RICHARD KIDD, Maintenance Supervisor
AAF Flanders of Jeffersonville, IN



"I’ve have a great working relationship with Sunshine for over three years ranging from component machining to small machine design and build.  I look forward to growing our relationship going
into the future."

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