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"Automation Production Done Right" for over 25 years

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Automation Systems

Industrial automation is the use of control systems such as computer or robots & information technologies for handling different processes & machinery in an industry to enhance a human operator.  It is the second step beyond mechanization in the scope of industrialization.

There are 3 basic types of automation:

  1.  Fixed or Hard Automation
  2.  Programmable or Soft Automation
  3.  Flexible Automation

1.  Fixed or Hard Automation refers to the use of special purpose equipment to automate a fixed sequence of processing or assembly operations.  Each part of the operation is in sequential steps usually involving either a plain linear or rotational motion or a combination of the two. It is difficult to accommodate changes in the product design.

2.  Programmable or Soft Automation offers the capability to change the sequence of operations to accommodate different product configurations.  The operation sequence is controlled by a software program which is a set of coded instructions to be read & interpreted by the system.  New programs can be prepared & entered into the equipment to produce new products.

3.  Flexible Automation is an extension of programmable automation. A flexible automation system is capable of producing a variety of parts with virtually no time lost for changeovers from one part style to the next.  There is no lost production time while reprogramming the system & altering the physical set-up. This is where we normally integrate robotics.

Automation solutions add value within companies & release associates from repetitive, dangerous or dirty & low value-added jobs.  Sunshine AUTOMATION & TOOLING focuses on helping our customers move from purely mechanical & people-oriented production to automating as many processes as needed.  Let's discuss how we can apply these various types of automation to your company.

Reasons to Automate

  • Increases production output rates while reducing operating costs
  • Improves process quality & workplace health & safety concerns
  • Increases manufacturing flexibility (product change-over) to meet market demands
  • Reduces turnover rate of labor & difficulty of recruiting skilled labor
  • Reduces capital costs of inventory & work-in-progress

Oil Filter Assembly System


Flexible Coupling Machining System


Transfer Conveyor


Advantages of Industrial Automation

  • Minimizes maintenance costs as industrial automation has a high up-time
  • Minimizes staff for off-shifts & obtains better utilization of equipment to increase productivity
  • Reduces errors associated with operator fatigue
  • Improves process flow & reduces waste utilizing "Big Data" to obtain detailed key production information
  • Eliminates operators working in hazardous conditions improving safety & lowering insurance costs
  • High return on both investments & assets to become more competitive

Center Module Assembly Machine


Eyeglass Lens Sorting System


Base Leg Bolt Machine


Automatic Injection Mold Unloading System


Medical Indexing/Oscillating System


Computer Frame Machining System


Always deliver more than expected.

What our customers are saying

This recommendation is not about me, although I must begin by stating that I not only know the price of most things, but also & more importantly, I know the value of most things. To be able to trust completely in the performance & quality of the services provided by a company is rare. Knowing that someone is not just reading the print but also thinking about its accuracy & purpose has saved me from error & cost several times. Asking for & receiving sound advice has been instrumental at key points when Kevin or Ed had the expertise.

I do care about price. Our policy is minimum 3 competitive quotes. Sunshine AUTOMATION & TOOLING almost always wins. When it is close, Sunshine wins because the value of the support they provide is incalculable. My company designs & builds industrial systems from concept to production. Sunshine gives me an advantage & makes it possible to get it right the first time.

Mark H. Kaltenborn, Owner

OM Product Design LLC in Punta Gorda, FL