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"Automation Production Done Right" for over 25 years

Your Processes Made Safer & More Productive

Engineering, Design & Development of Automation Machinery & Advanced Robotics Integration

Robotic Metal Pan Palletizing

This system replaced a manual stacking system with at least 4 people per shift. The operators had ergonomic lifting problems, inability to stack the empty pans properly on the take-away pallets, violated safety & cleanliness guidelines in handling the empty pans & found difficulty in stacking the different pan models (14) properly by model.

Sunshine AUTOMATION & TOOLING designed & implemented a completely automatic robotic palletizing system consisting of the following items:

  • Palletizing robot with mounting pedestal
  • Transfer conveyor system
  • End of arm tooling, software, installation & integration

After many months of use, the customer reported the following improvements:

  • Proper & stable stacking on the takeaway pallets very consistently
  • Proper stacking of each model pan regardless of batch run
  • No human hand touching of product pans
  • Faster palletizing to match increasing product demand

A good process produces good results.