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"Automation Production Done Right" for over 25 years

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Specially Designed Ergonomic Solutions

for Your Safety & Increased Productivity

Semi-Automatic Tube Welding Fixture

Our customers were looking to provide their manual welders with fixtures which would enhance their productivity. This example is used to weld steel tube assemblies up to 12 feet in length with many accessory components.

The fixture was designed to provide the following:

  • High degree of repeatability in the weld positions
  • Mounting of the weld power supply’s overhead to reduce cell footprint
  • Magnetic part alignment
  • Ability to handle over 30,000 different configurations
  • Automatic change over to different lengths & sizes whether welding in batches of 1 or hundreds without manual intervention
  • Controls to provide feedback to management on hourly/shift production per part number

Actual results on site are:

  • Significant reduction in operator ergonomic lifting & positioning injuries
  • Change over between models within seconds
  • Fully grounded system for dependable & good penetration welds
  • Stable/robust fixture design for long life & low maintenance
  • Easy programming for new weld positions & tube assembly models

Great design is not just a solution.

It is the elimination of a problem.